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A Dream About Love

January 9, 2018  

Lately, Brian's been writing longer stories again (though still not really long, in the scheme of things :-))  Still, it's fun to see how his ongoing themes of invitation & inclusion & love show up in a longer piece. 
What we both think is interesting is how those stories need a different art to hold them (especially since he's including a lot of them in the new book he's working on). This is one of the first ones to come out. Perfect as a reminder of how to live in the world we've got nowadays...

A Dream about Love. In my dream, I was at the front of a huge room, filled with people & it was my job to decide who deserved love & who didn't & I had no idea how to begin. So I just based it on how tall you were & then someone whispered in my ear that a lot of these people (even the older ones) weren't finished growing yet, so I just waved my hands in the air & said Everyone deserves love (yay!) & then we all adjourned into the next room where there were snacks. The end.

BAS chance of a life 001.png

Chance of a lifetime

January 9, 2018  

Brian had a long list of prints he was working on tonight & still, he ignored all of them to do this quick watercolor for no other reason than it said it wanted to be done...(which kind of makes sense now after he created it...

Remembering that every moment here is the chance of a lifetime.

BAS yellow coat 001.png

yellow coat

January 5, 2018  

We both have #fjallraven jackets & even if they’re not bright yellow, they’re still pretty fabulous when it comes to laughing in the face of whatever weather Maine throws at us...

It's hard to get all worked up about bad weather when she has a secret power of a really fabulous yellow coat.