BAS bumblebee yoga 001.png

bumblebee yoga

August 29, 2017

Brian was messing with the press a few days ago & he thought 'I wonder what would happen if I threw some paint on a copper plate?' & this is what came out.  So he added a few lines & voila, it looks like he invented Bumblebee Yoga...

Perfect for those rebel yogis in your life who are always stretching towards the next pose...

This is a self-taught bumblebee yogi & as you can probably tell, she's still working out some of the glitches...

BAS ray of sunshine 002.png

ray of sunshine

August 27, 2017

This story is a direct response of living with someone who occasionally has days that require an extra cup of coffee (or three or four...) for everything to feel bright and shiny!

Ready with the ray of sunshine thing any time that fourth cup of coffee kicks in.

BAS off the island 002.png

off the island

August 23, 2017

For those of you who believe this is a direction we still might all want to go. Reminding us all that it's going to take getting off of our own private islands & being with the whole world...

Thinking it might be time to get off her island & see if anyone's even interested any more in the kind of world that lights her up