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dog lessons

November 28, 2017

Dog Lessons. Especially since some of our human lessons lately aren’t working all that well. 

Things my dog regularly tries to teach me. with varying degrees of success. 1. Treats don't require a reason. 2. If there's nothing interesting goin gon, you might as well nap. 3. Squirrels like to be chased. Otherwise, why would they run like that? 4. Some people just need to be barked at. It's just how it is. 5. There's stuff going on out there. We should be outside. (to be continued)

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matter of opinion

November 26, 2017

has always found the difference between jumping up & down dancing & flying to be a matter of opinion

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Perfect night

November 25, 2017

Saturday morning play...

Another one of those perfect nights made for pajama dancing.