original #044

BAS original 08-044.jpg
BAS original 08-044.jpg

original #044

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Remind me next time I need a husband, she said, to get a pet.

Upper drawing: looking for a slinky black dress for later on which is how you can tell this is a fairy princess with an edge.

Lower drawing: deciding if stretching will slow the process of aging enough for her to keep doing all the other stuff she knows is bad for her. Once a week thinking pure thoughts.

Just recently we got a package from West Coast Printing, our friends who printed the first books. Seems they'd been going through their files, clearing things out & had run across a bunch of Brian's proofs. Among all the forgotten treasures they sent us was the master of Trusting Soul.

This is one of the pages that was edited out of the final version. Since it was before the advent of complete digital book design, every page was drawn & hand stamped by Brian.

8x12, pen & ink & hand stamping on archival bristol. 

Signed & dated 2000 in pencil. 

It's not currently in print or book in this form, though the fairy princess drawing appears in Trusting Soul in another version.

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