because stories change the way we see the world... 

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NExt steps

Written June 04, 2018

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Written March 24, 2018

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nothing missing

Written May 23, 2018


an original artwork of one of your favorite stories...


What is the difference between the original artwork and a digital print?

The original is usually done on cold pressed watercolor paper using permanent pen & ink and gouache watercolor, so the colors are incredibly saturated & you can see the movement of the brush & the water. There's only one. Everything else, will be a reproduction.  

A digital print is a scan of the original, that is printed on museum quality paper using high quality archival inks. The human eye can perceive more eye coloration in the watercolor than the scanner can. However, we continually research environmentally friendly high quality paper, prints & inks, & have found a way to reproduce the prints in a way that captures the essence of the original. 

a custom story is a gift that goes far beyond the words themselves...


Sometimes the only thing that will do is to have an original story. After collecting a bit of background from you, I'll let the writing start to percolate up. Often, this can be a rapid process, but sometimes, to be fair, it can take several months. (I'd love to give you an exact schedule here, but it really does simply take the time it takes.) It's a mysterious process & the stories that show up are the ones that show up. The story that ultimately speaks to you captures the essence of what you hope to communicate: about yourself, or the other, or the relationship & what it has meant in the heart of you.


More of us loving something & making it better means more people will join us.
It’s pretty simple & it’s already changing the world.

I have known for quite a long time (perhaps my whole life) that lightness & creativity
are intimately related. That inspiration is like breathing & that play, full out play,
laughing wildly in the morning sunlight, is at the heart of all of our best ideas.
— brian andreas
 Persphone II  The Mythology Series

Persphone II The Mythology Series

 Disaffected Titan  The Mythology Series

Disaffected Titan The Mythology Series

 Persephone  The Mythology Series

Persephone The Mythology Series

 Orpheus  The Mythology Series

Orpheus The Mythology Series



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